You come home after a busy day and have a quick meal. Suddenly you feel a bit nauseous and decide to go to bed early. When you open your eyes you realise that you woke up in a completely different room which is not your bedroom. You are woke up in a prisoncel. It’s obvious that someone […]

Doing Time

Diep in de grotten van Hua Shan (China) is een verborgen kamer gevonden. Locals denken dat de kamer duizenden jaren geleden is gebouwd door een buitenaardse levensvorm om in contact te komen.  Jullie zijn als team toponderzoekers gevraagd om uit te zoeken hoe we contact kunnen leggen met de bouwers van de kamer. Op moment dat jullie de kamer betreden wordt […]

Not Alone

After a short visit to Batavia we have to ship some load in the Indonesian archipelago. During one of our voyages five men disappeared. This almost caused mutiny. The reason of the disappearance never has been cleared, until now… Goal: Find the captain’s logbook and escape within 60 minutes Number of players: Minimum 2 and maximum 4 persons Available languages: Dutch (NL) & English (EN) […]

The New World