Hommelseweg ▶ Not Alone

Escape room Not Alone

Investigate how we can make contact with the creators of the room within 60 minutes

Number of players

2 – 6 persons (recommended: 5 or 6)

Available languages

English (EN) & Dutch (NL)

Wheelchair accessible



Hommelseweg 27




Accuracy, working together, making connections, adventurous

The story

A hidden room has been found deep in the caves of Hua Shan (China). Locals believe the room was built thousands of years ago by an alien life form.

In the 1950’s, a research team was assembled to unravel the secret of the cave. However, they have never been found. Your team of top investigators have been asked to pick up the thread from the missing team. The goal is to find out how to make contact with the builders of the room. A countdown timer is activated the moment you enter the room. The builders have tested it to see if humanity is smart enough and therefore worthy to connect with them.

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