Escape Rooms


The escaperooms of Clocked-Up are suitable for all ages. Even if you are a newbie or an experienced escape room player: at Clocked-Up you are in the right place.


You can find escape rooms all over the world: from the Netherlands to Indonesia, from Australia to Spain. For those who aren’t familiar with escape rooms: an escape room is a actual space (sometimes more rooms) which is decorated in a specific theme: Harry Potter, horror themed, toyshop, you name it. In this space you can find clues, puzzles and riddles who can help you getting to your goal: escape.

At Clocked-Up Escape Rooms & Citygames we believe in the power of fun, games and achieving goals together. We created unique themed escape rooms, suitable for every age. Within 60 minutes you need to explore, puzzle and figure out what will help you to escape. The clock is ticking. Just think logical, work as a team and keep communicating.


Besides escaperooms Clocked-Up offers unique Citygames in the citycentre of Arnhem. Find some teammembers, put on your walkingshoes and try to beat the clock in this outdoor challenge.

Citygame Slag om Arnhem