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Each escape room has it own max. number of players. Because of safety reasons and we can’t make any exeptions.

No, our escape rooms are not scary. It’s not the primary goal to scare players like in for example a haunted house. Nevertheless are there any elements in the games that will stimulate your senses like decor and sound effects.

Yes, the room will be closed , but there is always a way to get out in case of emergency. The game will stop after 60 minutes and the door will open. It’s possible to leave the game for any reason at any time.

The minimum age for playing our escape rooms is 14 years with an adult.

The game itself will take max 60 minutes. We calculate standard 2 hours per reservation. Explanation of the game takes 15 minutes. Playing the game itself will take 60 minutes and afterwards we take 15 minutes for closing up and rebuilding the room(s).

For more information about our prices click here.

You can pay onsite with your debit card or with cash.